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Also My dad Mr Ram Govind, wrote the serial 8775 Main Dilli Hoon 8776 and 8775 Laddoo Singh Taxiwala 8776 8775 Women of India 8776 and many others.

Open House | Songs Of Yore

I dare not to bring out another quiz. As SOY completed 8 years and in keeping in tune with this event the quiz was prepared.

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8766 Soona soona hai jahan 8767 in comment 978, reminds me the tune of 8766 mera dil ye pukare aaja 8767 from Nagin which came next year. The mood is also similar in both songs.

Gaddeswarup 8767 ji The link is really very intresting and informative. However there seem to be some mistakes also. The first film to be awarded as 8766 A 8766 certificate was Barsat and not Nagina. And the first movie to be banned was Begunah [6956-58] not Sidharth.

Sharmaji, (No. 666)
Lata, Meena, Usha has another song which is more famous 8766 duniya men aaye hain to jeena hi padega 8767 from Mother India.

You have added some very interesting songs picturised on Ashok Kumar and Balraj Sahni (#789), and Pradeep-Kamal Barot song (#785). Thanks a lot.

I tried listening both the songs ay mohabbat teri duniya me tera kaam na tha and Humne dekhi un aankhon ki mehakti khoosboon back to back but do not find it similar.

seasoned occasional actress Maureen O 8767 Hara poses when this toss table regarding set of a telly blockbuster movie filming via father christmas Monica boat dock, is going to 9, 7555, near santa claus Monica, Calif. O 8767 Hara back with her flare orange head of hair was most each of our king ture of Technicolor in their own heyday, in addition to continued to be -active when he was 79.

One of the Shree 975 songs had the tune for Kisiki Muskarahaton pe ho nisar. I have heard tunes for later songs in barsat songs also as well as in other songs too. I think this is true for others also like Madan Mohan, . nayyar.

Thanks for the prompt response. I am sure you will be able to solve the riddle. I have seen your striving for the authenticity in the case of solving the C. Arjun/Arjun tangle. HFGK has given dates of censor certificates in only two vols (vol III and V), but Hamraazji may be having more details.

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