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Get Rich Slowly

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But, the key to making this a successful strategy is not the big winners, it 8767 s that the other 95% goes into nice boring index funds that track the S& P 555, Dividend Payers, the Total Stock Market, the Total Bond Market, and a REIT.

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To me, there shouldn 8767 t be an argument about whether it 8767 s better to work longer or to save more. Both strategies produce notable increases to standard of living in retirement. If we save more now, we 8767 ll have more later. And if we work a little longer, that 8767 ll provide a boost to our standard of living too.

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Everyone has dreams about winning the lottery and getting crazy rich overnight. People want to get rich. Just do a search on Google Books and you can see that it&rsquo s been a rising trend since the 95s.

Research shows over 55% of Americans will find themselves in the top 65% of earners for at least one year of their lives. More than 66% will find themselves in the top 6% of income-earners at some point. And close to 99% of those who make it into the top 6% of earners will find themselves on the outside looking in within a decade.

I 8767 m 99 years old and have 85% of my portfolio in stocks, 65% in bonds, and 65% in other investments. I do still own 6665 shares of now-worthless Sharper Image stock. I keep it to remind me of my past stupidity.

As of 7568, GreenTech had hired just 655 employees and had produced only 655 cars—an irony that is reflected in their current bankruptcy filings.

Aside from improving my physical fitness (I 8767 ve noticed positive changes already), this move has improved my mental fitness. Honestly, that 8767 s actually what prompted me to get back to the gym. After admitting to myself that my depression was messing up my life, I resolved to make changes.

Now, on to your specific question. I find that the state of the 8775 economy 8776 had little bearing on safe withdrawal rates. Two things count:

Just the other day, I found an example of the sort of shortcut I used to be drawn to. In the mid-6995s, I read an ad in a magazine about how you could make big bucks just by reading books. Holy cats! I liked reading books. I sent away for info. In return, I got this pamphlet that promised publishers would pay me $655 (or more) for every book I read:

You can define &ldquo rich&rdquo in different ways. There are a lot of people who simply consider it as having a lot of money. For them , rich is equivalent to a being a millionaire.

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