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Excellent sentiments, Rick. I find groups such as 8766 Guerrilla Skeptics 8767 disturbing. Aggressive, activist scepticism has something almost totalitarian about it. They seem to have no patience or tolerance at all for anything that deviates even slightly from accepted science and philosophical materialism.

Maverick Biologist Rupert Sheldrake Criticizes Attacks by

You 8767 re kidding me Geraldo of FOX, the shining light of journalistic integrity! Nothing has ever been proven, all I 8767 ve seen are accusations and rumours. And that 8767 s the issue we here at the Grail have with the militant skeptic movement don 8767 t attack the data, smear the person behind it. Now I am not saying Schwartz is all above board Daryl Bem, Michael Prescott, many others in the parapsychology field have valid issues with Schwartz 8767 s work. However, regarding the $ fraud claims, until it 8767 s proven with, you know, that evidence stuff it remains innuendo and Schwartz gets the benefit of the doubt. Instead, a hatchet job by FOX is meant to convince me? That 8767 s GOP crap, not science.

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If they studied conjuring or mentalism then they wouldn 8767 t of believed in spiritualism but they attacked Houdini and rejected his advice. I understand why Crookes, Lodge and Myers all believed in spiritualism, it 8767 s because they lost someone they loved. But their bias destroyed their critical faculties. They made fools of themselves.

Is quoting A GERALDO RIVERA STORY as justification for (the very serious) allegation of fraud acceptable?! You do have a more reliable source than that, yes?

This is why Greg continually calls the skeptic movement out on their hypocrisy. Yes, the world is full of frauds and bullshit artists but if some skeptics want to play World Police then they should grow the cojones to take a look in the mirror.

I 8767 m curious: what is it about Rationalwiki that appeals to you, to the point of declaring yourself an 8766 avid fan 8767 ?

But still waiting for my own entry on Rational Wiki! So disappointed, I 8767 ll need to lift my game and start preaching more. Perhaps you can help me out?

What makes it 8775 guerrilla 8776
[quote=emlong]A lot of these guerrilla skeptic groups are notable for their adolescent language and tendency to use inflammatory remarks. Most adults can see through these distractions which look like cheap tricks. I don 8767 t think that most rational and considerate people take them very seriously. [/quote]

Pot calling the kettle
[quote=Advanced]Craig Weiler is a well known for exaggeration who likes to stir up non-existent controversies

I get the feeling you 8767 re not too familiar with this site, since many here are very well-read in the skeptical literature. (As for me I 8767 d wager good money I was reading Skeptical Inquirer before you were born.) (I get the feeling you 8767 re I also think it 8767 s a bit disrespectful using terms like 8775 believers 8776 since it misrepresents many who simply choose to keep an open mind about certain things, and rationally question the conventional wisdom.